Most of its rivals only have four, too, but for the Aygo’s price there are cars available from the class up, with more passenger space, an extra seat and better luggage room. ab 15.391,93 € Der neue GR Yaris. It is built alongside the related Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107/108 at the Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech (TPCA) joint venture in Kolín, Czech Republic.The Aygo was first displayed at the 2005 Salon de l'Automobile de Genève.The name "Aygo" comes from "i-go", symbolising freedom and mobility. APPROVED TOYOTA PLUS. ","isMostPopular":false,"mostPopularIndex":0,"setItems":[]}],"optional":[],"wheels":[],"colours":[],"upholsteries":[],"equipmentUpholsteries":[]},"standardOnMonthlyRateToggle":false},{"index":2,"id":"2d61d6f2-b6bb-4b62-82d9-1f921ecb46b9","shortId":7556,"objectType":"pack","name":"Toyota Safety Sense","description":"Beinhaltet das Pre-Collision System und den Spurhalteassistenten (LDA). Toyota Aygo (2015) First Drive. Wir empfehlen dir, all diese Cookies beizubehalten. Das Leben macht mehr Spass, wenn man sich von seiner Stimmung leiten lässt. Coming Soon. Toyota Aygo X-Cite Price in South Africa (July 2017) Aygo: R159 100 Aygo X-Cite Black: R161 500 Aygo X-Cite: R189 500. ","T1.genericTotalMonthlyRateDisclaimer":"Preisangaben sind unverbindliche Preisempfehlungen der Toyota Deutschland GmbH zzgl. Toyota Aygo 2017 interior 2017 Toyota Aygo 2017 Toyota Aygo Refined, distinctive and connected, Aygo is well-equipped to meet your needs. APPROVED TOYOTA PLUS. ","price":{"cash":200,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":200,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":200,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":200,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"image":"","footNote":"","equipment":[{"index":0,"objectType":"extra","id":"32d0014c-aa36-49b5-adac-8e33cb363ef5","shortId":18218,"type":"option","internalCode":"61D18382-AFA8","name":"5 Jahre Garantie*","path":"exterior","category":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"root":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"code":"EXT","level":0},"price":{"cash":0,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":0,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":0,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":0,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"included":[],"excluded":[],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"standard":true,"visible":false,"parent":null,"sortIndex":0,"colouringMode":0,"colour":null,"options":[],"selectedOptionId":"","isUpholstery":false,"isPackExtra":true,"isHidden":false,"isWheel":false,"isCap":false,"exteriorColours":[],"upholsteries":[],"image":"//","availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"description":"","isMostPopular":false,"mostPopularIndex":0,"setItems":[]}],"equipmentDescription":"5 Jahre Garantie*","standard":false,"extended":null,"included":[],"excluded":[],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"visualItems":{"standard":[{"index":0,"objectType":"extra","id":"32d0014c-aa36-49b5-adac-8e33cb363ef5","shortId":18218,"type":"option","internalCode":"61D18382-AFA8","name":"5 Jahre Garantie*","path":"exterior","category":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"root":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"code":"EXT","level":0},"price":{"cash":0,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":0,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":0,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":0,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"included":[],"excluded":[],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"standard":true,"visible":false,"parent":null,"sortIndex":0,"colouringMode":0,"colour":null,"options":[],"selectedOptionId":"","isUpholstery":false,"isPackExtra":true,"isHidden":false,"isWheel":false,"isCap":false,"exteriorColours":[],"upholsteries":[],"image":"//","availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"description":"","isMostPopular":false,"mostPopularIndex":0,"setItems":[]}],"optional":[],"wheels":[],"colours":[],"upholsteries":[],"equipmentUpholsteries":[]},"standardOnMonthlyRateToggle":true},{"index":1,"id":"5f649a7d-914f-4ee1-879b-b413456d5719","shortId":7477,"objectType":"pack","name":"OUTglow-Paket","description":"Beinhaltet Seitenzierleisten, Außenspiegel-Abdeckungen und Stoßfänger-Zierfolie in vulcanorot. Be ready for the unexpected with the compact and streetwise Aygo. Näheres zu Garantiebedingungen erfährst du unter oder bei deinem teilnehmenden Toyota Händler. Buy Car Interior Parts & Furnishings for Toyota Aygo and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Weitere Informationen auf dieser Seite.


Das Fahrzeug wurde nach dem weltweit harmonisierten Prüfverfahren für Personenwagen und leichte Nutzfahrzeuge (World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, WLTP), einem neuen, realistischeren Prüfverfahren zur Messung des Kraftstoffverbrauchs und der CO2-Emissionen, typgenehmigt. Toyota Aygo 5-door 2013. Shop with confidence on eBay! ","isMostPopular":false,"mostPopularIndex":0,"setItems":[]},{"index":1,"objectType":"extra","id":"ba0f9d36-d022-4051-a547-4b5c6dbc7034","shortId":11734,"type":"accessory","internalCode":"879450H040D0","name":"Außenspiegel-Abdeckungen Fahrerseite\n(Vulcanorot 3P0)","path":"exterior/styling/mirror cover","category":{"id":"958901e6-01e5-45ce-856d-051bc882e5dc","name":"Styling","sortIndex":6,"parent":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"root":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"code":"EXT/ExteriorStyling","level":1},"price":{"cash":0,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":0,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":0,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":0,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"included":["887e3884-ed0d-4a13-a613-8cbbb309a44d"],"excluded":[],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"standard":true,"visible":true,"parent":null,"sortIndex":0,"colouringMode":0,"colour":{"id":"8ca65d30-b78e-4b37-9267-f4534c8a9626","code":"3P0","name":"3P0 vulcanorot","rgb":"c9021a","image":"//","default":false,"accentColours":[]},"options":[],"selectedOptionId":"","isUpholstery":false,"isPackExtra":true,"isHidden":false,"isWheel":false,"isCap":true,"exteriorColours":[],"upholsteries":[],"image":"//","availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"description":"Verleihen dem Fahrzeug eine individuelle Note, farbig. The 2017 Toyota Aygo follows in the footsteps of its predecessor sporting playful and fresh exterior. Although there is no additional space between the axles from which to create extra passenger space, Toyota claims to have made 9mm of extra length inside the new Aygo. Every Aygo shares the same safety features as standard, covering stability control, anti-lock brakes, tyre pressure monitoring and seat belt reminder warnings for every seat. 3D models of Toyota Aygo are available for download in fbx, obj, max, 3ds, c4d file formats. It turns well, too, with a wheel at each corner giving it something of the cliched go-kart feel without being stiff or unforgiving. Mit dem 7" x-touch Multimedia-Touchscreen, einem x-nav Navigationssystem, Bluetooth und einer Rückfahrkamera hat der AYGO genau das, was du brauchst. But in the middle of the range and upwards, the interior ambience is supplemented by a climate control panel instead of traditional dials, and with orange digits that match the backlight of the simple LCD display in the instrument cluster, the key display zones begin to look a lot more cohesive. Disappointingly, though, sat-nav is only optional. The ride is great, though, with extremely well-judged damping that can’t quite counteract the tiny wheels that fall into every hole, but that does give the Aygo a surprisingly mature, composed ride for its size. The Aygo is a small car built to be as easy to park as possible. ","start":null,"offset":0}],"twoDigitYearMax":2029,"patterns":{"d":"dd.MM.yyyy","D":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy","t":"HH:mm","T":"HH:mm:ss","f":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy HH:mm","F":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy HH:mm:ss","M":"dd MMMM","Y":"MMMM yyyy","S":"yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss"}}},"dealerRangeValues":[10,20,30],"defaultFinanceOption":"cash","disablePreviouslySearchedVehicles":false,"distributorCode":"","ecoLabel":{"title":"CO2 - EFFIZIENZ","intro":"Auf der Grundlage der gemessenen CO2-Emmissionen unter Berücksichtigung der Masse des Fahrzeugs ermittelt. It’s light; as light as 840kg in its most basic trim and only 910kg at its heaviest. Contactless Click & Collect or Home Delivery now available. ","price":{"cash":307.06,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":307.06,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":307.06,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":307.06,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"image":"//","footNote":"","equipment":[{"index":0,"objectType":"extra","id":"ee8b6bdb-8cda-471e-b915-474bd688ebbc","shortId":10089,"type":"accessory","internalCode":"PZ415-90492-DF","name":"Seitenzierleisten (Vulcanorot 3P0)","path":"exterior/styling/garnish/side door ganish","category":{"id":"958901e6-01e5-45ce-856d-051bc882e5dc","name":"Styling","sortIndex":6,"parent":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"root":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"code":"EXT/ExteriorStyling","level":1},"price":{"cash":0,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":0,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":0,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":0,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"included":[],"excluded":[],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"standard":true,"visible":true,"parent":null,"sortIndex":0,"colouringMode":0,"colour":{"id":"8ca65d30-b78e-4b37-9267-f4534c8a9626","code":"3P0","name":"3P0 vulcanorot","rgb":"c9021a","image":"//","default":false,"accentColours":[]},"options":[],"selectedOptionId":"","isUpholstery":false,"isPackExtra":true,"isHidden":false,"isWheel":false,"isCap":true,"exteriorColours":[],"upholsteries":[],"image":"//","availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"description":"Werten das Fahrzeug optisch auf und verleihen einen individuellen und sportlichen Auftritt, Satz à 2 Stück, nur für 5-Türer. Yellow details appear inside, and it does look pretty brilliant. Although the Aygo shares its interior design with its C1 and 108 sister cars, Toyota’s interpretation on the lower models is better. Chr. All models except the yellow-only x-cite and the basic x can be ordered in Bold Black. Its strengths are in its unique looks, well-judged interior styling and depth of technology, and even if its engine is fairly ordinary, it comes across as a well-rounded and likeable thing with good ride quality and individuality. Entdecke das agile Fahrerlebnis mit dem Toyota AYGO x und genieße das Feeling eines kompakten Kleinwagens mit 3 Türen. Toyota Aygo 5-door 2014. Toyota isn’t shy of producing Aygo special editions, either. Finanzierung inklusive: 3 Jahre Herstellergarantie, 2 Jahre Anschlussgarantie im Wert von 200,- EUR der Toyota Deutschland GmbH, Toyota Allee 2, 50858 Köln. The 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit is Toyota-designed and suits the car well, although it doesn’t have as much mid-range muscle as the noisier 1.2 you can order in the 108 and C1. The Toyota Aygo is a city car sold by Toyota in Europe since 2005. Toyota has opted for a bold design; something with more youthful energy and uniqueness than a lot of its competitors - some of which choose cuteness while others go for a more grown-up look. DISCLAIMER: Toyota Owners Club is an independent Toyota forum for owners of Toyota vehicles. Various optional interior packs add body-coloured trim dashboard and centre console trim inserts and air vent surrounds. Toyota AYGO 1.0 VVT-i x-style 5-Dr Used vehicle Red in Preston with 16.120 Kilometern, for 6.998 Euro, Offered Vantage Toyota Preston . Individuelle Händlerpreise auf Anfrage bei Ihrem Toyota Vertragspartner. There’s a USB port, remote central locking and electric front windows, but that’s about it. Other 2017 Toyota Aygo Manuals: 2017 Toyota Aygo - Handleiding (in Dutch) 2017 Toyota Aygo - Instruktionsbog (in Danish) Download from Manual Description Do not attach metallic or magnetic materials to the keys or place the keys close to such materials. My Favourites My Comparison My Saved Searches Dealer locator. ab 10.274,29 € Der neue Yaris. Choose delivery option . September 2018.


Wegen der realistischeren Prüfbedingungen sind die nach dem WLTP gemessenen Kraftstoffverbrauchs- und CO2-Emissionswerte in vielen Fällen höher als die nach dem NEFZ gemessenen. It’s a special edition based on x-play, with a strong yellow and black theme throughout, but it actually has less tech than the x-press and x-style. Unsere empfohlenen Pakete enthalten alles, was du für deinen sicheren und komfortablen Fahrspaß brauchst. Immer connected - der Bestseller mit Mehrausstattung und Preisvorteil. Mileage: 13,050 miles Transmission: Manual: Shape: Hatchback: Colour: Red: Year: 2017 17 registration: Fuel: petrol: View vehicle records + Add to shortlist. Beste Unterhaltung mit dem x-touch system. The cheapest Aygo is £9135 at retail value, which is far in excess of the equivalent figures for a number of very good entry-level rivals, and the lack of sat-nav is another blow to the Aygo’s value for money. If practicality is important, then this isn’t the right car, with a small boot even for the class and only four seats. 1.0 x-press – this is the cheapest model to receive the 7in touch-screen and its red trim accents are striking, 1.0 x-clusiv – keyless entry, automatic headlights and climate control should keep tech hounds happy, 1.0 x – it doesn’t have a lot of kit but it’s a good-looking runabout for an affordable price, An outstanding all-rounder with a fizzy, eager engine, lots of space and useful equipment options, Slightly larger than most city cars, the i10 is spacious and mature with a grown-up small-car attitude, Has no frills in the way it goes about its duties, but is solidly built with a good, long warranty, Lots of customisation potential and a broad choice of engines for this stylish little number, An incredible turning circle is a neat party trick and a uniquely stylish exterior draws the eye, “Not only is the second-generation Aygo much more distinctive than the first model, it has also grown slightly, giving it a practicality boost.”, “Toyota’s Aygo has definitely struck a refreshing blow in the beige city car stakes with a fun, fresh design.”, Toyota’s Aygo has definitely struck a refreshing blow in the beige city car stakes with a fun, fresh design, How to maximise your electric car's range, Alonso says Renault R25 runs showed what F1 is missing, Bentley reveals first new 4.5-litre Blower in 90 years, Lewis Hamilton drives Mercedes-AMG One hypercar after work. ","packsShowFeatures":"Alle {count} Paketelemente anzeigen","packsOptionalEquipment":"Optional equipment","showAllPacks":"Zeige alle Pakete","setItemTooltipDescription":"","includesTooltipDescription":"","accessoryDisclaimer":"","T1.readMore":"Mehr anzeigen","T1.readLess":"Weniger anzeigen","T1.disclaimerNedc":"Die angegebenen Werte wurden nach dem bisher vorgeschriebenen NEFZ-Messverfahren ermittelt. Equipped with Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA) –AYGO’s prepared for any eventuality. Der AYGO bietet bis zu 198 Liter Gepäckraum - genug, um alle wichtigen Dinge des Lebens zu verstauen. Aber wenn du nicht einverstanden bist, kannst du sie leicht ändern, indem du unten auf die Option für die Cookie-Einstellungen klickst. Konfiguriere jetzt dein Auto. For the Aygo it includes Pre-Collision System, which uses laser sensors and a camera to detect obstructions ahead before hitting the brakes if it needs to, and Lane Departure Alert. Entry-level X models get a basic monochrome radio system with USB and Aux connections. Page 112 Do not touch the damper stay rod with gloves or other fabric items. Alle Einzelheiten findest du in unserer Cookie-Richtlinie. Die Angaben beziehen sich nicht auf ein einzelnes Fahrzeug und sind nicht Bestandteil des Angebots, sondern dienen allein Vergleichszwecken zwischen den verschiedenen Fahrzeugtypen. ","start":null,"offset":0}],"twoDigitYearMax":2029,"patterns":{"d":"dd.MM.yyyy","D":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy","t":"HH:mm","T":"HH:mm:ss","f":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy HH:mm","F":"dddd, d. MMMM yyyy HH:mm:ss","M":"dd MMMM","Y":"MMMM yyyy","S":"yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss"}}},"messages":{"packsFeaturedTitle":"EMPFOHLENE PAKETE","packsFeaturedDescription":"Du hast deinen neuen Toyota gefunden und suchst nach der richtigen Ausstattung für dich? The fun colours are Yellow Fizz and Cyan Splash, but for a lower cost the x-press cars, in either metallic white or dark grey, both with a black front-x, a red roof and red detailing, are also an option. My Favourites My Comparison My Saved Searches Dealer locator. Better models get the latter, along with electric mirrors, Bluetooth, DAB radio and the option to add the the excellent 7in touch-screen that also comes with a reversing camera. Show map / 04 / 1. WLTP ersetzt das bisherige Prüfverfahren NEFZ schrittweise seit dem 1. X-clusiv is the range-topper but it doesn’t quite have as much equipment as standard as you’d expect for its not inconsiderable price, leaving the range on something of an anticlimax. Wohin als Nächstes? It was graded inside the top quarter of the 150 cars in the 2016 Driver Power survey for reliability, which is encouraging. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Important Information . Body style: Hatchback Segment: Mini The Japanese version of the triplets Peugeot 108 – Citroen C1 – Toyota Aygo received a … Chr. Follow. Servicing and parts will be chips-cheap. Pay a £99 refundable deposit today. ","isMostPopular":false,"mostPopularIndex":0,"setItems":[]},{"index":3,"objectType":"extra","id":"9a8475ce-e689-456f-ba3e-d671bf06e660","shortId":16545,"type":"accessory","internalCode":"PW18A0H008DC","name":"Stoßfänger-Zierfolie (Vulcanorot - 3P0)","path":"exterior/styling/decoration stickers","category":{"id":"958901e6-01e5-45ce-856d-051bc882e5dc","name":"Styling","sortIndex":6,"parent":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"root":{"id":"467d3613-f135-481b-b73c-1c37f451cd7a","name":"Außenausstattung","sortIndex":1,"parent":null,"root":null,"code":"EXT","level":0},"code":"EXT/ExteriorStyling","level":1},"price":{"cash":0,"monthly":0,"exclVat":0,"discount":0,"promotions":[],"highlight":false,"licenseFee":0,"onlineCashDiscount":0,"onlineMonthlyDiscount":0,"onlineCashPromotions":[],"onlineMonthlyPromotions":[]},"included":[],"excluded":["294f61cd-d3fd-490f-90e0-27c43cdf4b43"],"includePacks":[],"excludePacks":[],"standard":true,"visible":true,"parent":null,"sortIndex":0,"colouringMode":0,"colour":{"id":"8ca65d30-b78e-4b37-9267-f4534c8a9626","code":"3P0","name":"3P0 vulcanorot","rgb":"c9021a","image":"//","default":false,"accentColours":[]},"options":[],"selectedOptionId":"","isUpholstery":false,"isPackExtra":true,"isHidden":false,"isWheel":false,"isCap":true,"exteriorColours":[],"upholsteries":[],"image":"//","availability":{"colours":[],"upholsteries":[]},"description":"Bildet einen Blickfang auf dem vorderen und hinteren Stoßfänger und verleiht dem Fahrzeug einen individuellen und sportlichen Auftritt. def.","negativeInfinity":"-unendlich","positiveInfinity":"+unendlich","percent":{"pattern":["-n%","n%"],"decimals":2,"groupSizes":[3],",":".",".":",","symbol":"%","ds":",","ts":". Ready for the unexpected. Mrkněte na - online autobazar Toyota Aygo, kde vyřešíte koupi i prodej vozu. Exterior and Interior. The width measurement of 1615 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Toyota AYGO 2018 without exterior mirrors. Budget Car Comparison: Volkswagen Move up! 1 of 12. The wedge-shaped profile has character line that goes through the door handles, while the back showcases vertical taillights that flank the huge rear glass. Continuing the lines all the way to the front windows is a really neat and stylish touch that also helps to make the mirrors more of a feature than an afterthought. Less is more on this front, though, and shiny colours just look tacky, lowering the overall impression of quality. … Different options come into play, though, like an electric ‘funroof’. Customise this car's finance. Sat-nav is an option. ","T1.disclaimerCorrelatedNedc":"

Das Fahrzeug wurde nach dem weltweit harmonisierten Prüfverfahren für Personenwagen und leichte Nutzfahrzeuge (World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, WLTP), einem neuen, realistischeren Prüfverfahren zur Messung des Kraftstoffverbrauchs und der CO2-Emissionen, typgenehmigt. It’s quite hard to force the Aygo to be seriously inefficient, even if you’re driving it like you stole it. 3 table of contents new toyota aygo 4 introduction 8 foreword by david terai, aygo chief engineer 10 a fresh look and upgraded interior finishes 14 more customisation interview with elvio d’aprile, manager at toyota motor europe’s styling division 16 more efficient and even more fun to drive 22 interview with kristof muylle, senior project manager at toyota motor europe’s r&d centre Toyota Aygo na prodej – bazar, ojetá auta i předváděcí a nové vozy. The club is not part of Toyota nor affiliated with or endorsed by Toyota in any way. WLTP ersetzt das bisherige Prüfverfahren NEFZ schrittweise seit dem 1. Every Aygo has Toyota’s 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system, which includes Bluetooth and a DAB radio (with four speakers). Konfiguriere jetzt dein Auto. Reserve now for £99. Kofferraumvolumen minimal (fensterhoch) in l (VDA-Methode). Finally, x-clusiv has more thrown at it, including keyless entry and start, automatic headlights and front fog lamps. The seats are typical city car seats; flat-based, flat-backed and neutral, neither too soft nor too hard.

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