Inchelium Red requires a loamy soil with a ph of 6.0 – 7.0 – it grows best in weakly acidic soil to neutral soil. Inchelium Red Seed Garlic Price $18.00 Add to Cart Quick View Chesnok Red Seed Garlic Price $18.00 Add to Cart Quick View Music Seed Garlic Price $18.00 Out of Stock Gourmet Culinary Garlic Bulbs under 2 … Inchelium Red (softneck) Garlic – Heirloom 1 full head Plants produce medium heads containing 8-10 cloves per bulb. Grows well in Wisconsin. Inchelium garlic is an heirloom variety that is listed on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste. Try mild, rich Inchelium garlic simply roasted or baked; use it for perfect garlic mashed potatoes, homemade vinaigrettes or just rub a fresh cut clove in the salad bowl before adding greens. In 1990 Rodale Kitchens, part of the parent organization of Organic Gardening magazine, sponsored a garlic tasting contest. Inchelium Red Garlic is an artichoke-type softneck variety and national taste-test winner. I served it … is a rewarding vegetable grow. Voted best tasting soft neck garlic. Inchelium Red is the only North American garlic included in the USA’s ‘Ark of Taste’, a slow food movement, spanning many continents, that works … Inchelium Red is not only easy to grow and store but it also fares well in the taste department. A softneck variety hardy enough to overwinter in the North. across and contain 15 cloves on average. Organic Garlic, Inchelium Red (lb) An Award-Winning Artichoke Softneck Garlic Regular price $16.49 /Lb Out of Stock Sale price $16.49 Sale Sold out for the season. Flavor … Although listed as having 4 to 5 rows of clove per head, the ones I received had either just 1 row or a second partially filled row. Inchelium Red garlic, which is native to the land around Inchelium, Washington, is the oldest strain of garlic grown in North America. varieties can be divided into hardneck and softneck types. Garlic You can also plant in spring, but the fall harvest will be Keep an eye out for pests, but generally these are low-maintenance Varieties of garlic sold by the pound including Chesnok Red, German Red, Korean red, Musik, Spanish Roja, Asian Tempest, Inchelium Red, and Early Italian. Avoid soil that is too wet or won’t drain well. Through the Ark of Taste Agricultural Conservation program, Inchelium garlic is being introduced to farmers and growers to increase demand for a garlic that was once common and now nearly unknown. Won “Very Best Softneck” Excellent for braiding. This large, top-quality softneck was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in northern Washington, “Four to five clove layers with 8 to 20 cloves. Rot is one of the few problems you may encounter growing this garlic. As a cultivated plant, it is so old that it is difficult to credit a country of origin for this vegetable. It’s one of Martha Stewart’s favorites. Received from Filaree Garlic - 5 bulbs per pound, 9.8 cloves per bulb. The actual The softneck All the cloves are large. It’s easy and requires little hands-on care, and Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! water. spring harvest. Divide garlic bulbs into cloves just before planting, and keep as much garlic skin on as possible. Click on the photos on the left to view information regarding the type of garlic shown. really want the garlic to shine, such as in garlic mashed potatoes. This is a variety that has won taste tests, so turn to it any time you Work a 1 inch layer of compost into beds before planting. It seems to have higher soluble solids (i.e. denser, heavier bulbs) than other Artichokes. Large heads, considered one of the best flavored garlic varieties out there, with a mild but distinct garlicky flavor. Approx. They will become sweet and Long lasting mild flavor with just a hint of hot. It was so fresh and flavorful. Avoid soil that is too wet or won’t drain well. number of cloves can vary a lot, though, from 12 to 20 per bulb. annual in a variety of soils but prefers a versatile soil type with a long of It is a bit of a rarity among garlics as it was reportedly discovered growing wild on an Indian reservation in Washington State and wasn’t brought to North America relatively recently as many other varieties are. entire bulbs to sweeten the flavor of the cloves. Garlic generally needs cooler temperatures to form bulbs. Great information on how to plant and grow garlic. In 1991 it won first place among … Inchelium Red Naturally Grown Garlic Bulbs The bulb and clove amounts are ESTIMATES to help you determine how much garlic there is by weight for help with planting and spacing. 6-8 bulbs per pound and 96-128 cloves per lb. Because you … WSU’s Colville Reservation Extension Office, the first Tribal Extension office in Washington, hosted two socially distanced workshops about the native garlic this fall. This type of garlic can also be decorative. Inchelium Red Garlic 0 out of 5 $ 14.00 Unit Clear Inchelium Red Garlic quantity Add to cart SKU: GA801. 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Organic Inchelium Red Garlic has a mild, but lasting flavor, with a hint of hot! types of softneck garlic, this one does not have tiny cloves at the center of Garlic : Inchelium Red Averages 15 cloves per bulb; great for cooking Higher in soluble solids than other garlic varieties we offer. produces more cloves per bulb as compared to hardneck types. WSU’s Colville Reservation Extension Office, the first Tribal Extension office in Washington, hosted two socially distanced workshops about the native garlic this fall. Garlic, Inchelium Red SOLD OUT | RESTORATION SEEDS Allium sativum## HOW TO GROW GARLIC, SOFTNECK Garlic thrives in well-drained, rich soil. Garlic Garlic is available as seed stock and comes with an inspection certificate. Inchelium’s big bulbs have handsome purple/red striped wrappers and plump, large, juicy cloves. The bulb generally consists of 10-12 … the bulb. calls for garlic. Bulbs produce 8-20 cloves of good size. Sign up for our newsletter. grassy stems to make an attractive chain of garlic for hanging as the bulbs Originated south of the Canadian border: along the banks of the Columbia River, on the Colville Indian Reservation in the town of Inchelium, Washington. Inchelium Red is from the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium Washington. Bulbs are typically 2″ to 2.5″ and its thick outer wraps help extend its shelf life when storing it. Inchelium Red (artichoke type) is a fairly large softneck garlic that is well known for medium hotness and full garlicky flavor. A wonderful garlic for all-purpose use where mild flavors are preferred. Your garlic plants will need sunlight and only moderate dry. The Inchelium Red has since won awards, including a 1990 Rodale Kitchens garlic Unlike other Bulbs are protected by thick outer wrappers. garlic because of its robust flavor that works well in any type of dish that plants. SKU: Inchelium-Red Categories: All Garlic , Medium , Softneck Tags: artichoke , baking , inchelium , inchelium red , medium , softneck In 1990, Inchelium won a Inchelium Red Organic Garlic Bulbs Product ID: 4086G View full-size image Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Best variety for making garlic braids. Order now for fall planting. Inchelium Red is an artichoke-type, softneck variety with a robust, lingering flavor and medium heat. Its medium bodied flavor rated very high in the Rodale Kitchen taste test in 1990. Growing and harvesting it is just like any other soft … Inchelium Red is an artichoke type and, hence, should store well for 8-10 months. Inchelium Red garlic is one of the more popular garlics to grow, as it combines large bulb size with good storage life and is easy to grow in a range of different climates.

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