I have been going through more 60’s/70’s music looking for stuff I like that maybe I missed/ignored back then. Steely Dan didn’t fit that. With a gun Steely Dan is part of what i like to call the “thinking mans rock.” Along with others like the Blue Oyster Cult Dire Straits (who i really dig) or Supertramp, very insightful lyrics with intricate instrumentation. September 29, 2019 @ I vaguely remember their songs being played at Pirates games. Your email address will not be published. September 6, 2017 @ But when I look around the crowd of 20 and 30-something yuppies, it always looks like they lose the crowd every time they launch into a SD song. [Intro] Maybe not one of my favorite bands, but the Dan had some songs I like — including the ones mentioned in the article, plus “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Rikki, Don’t Lose That Number,” “My Old School,” “Hey, Nineteen,” and “Cousin Dupree” (from the Grammy-winning ‘Two Against Nature’). These mellower 70s rock acts and classic country had a respect for one another certainly. Some of the absolute best players on their albums. Rikki Don't Lose That Number 10. Steely Dan never was my bag, but I will readily admit they were supremely talented, as were the musicians who backed them. One of the best shows I’ve seen. "Hey Nineteen" was the first single from Steely Dan's 1980 release, Gaucho. For me personally I’ve found it more and more difficult to get into any new music as I’ve gotten older. 11:36 am. 9 Years Ago ChiTownHustler General Comment: I hear a precursor to "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" in a little riff right after Donald sings, "Tobacco they grow in Peking." You tell yourself you're not my kind 10:27 am. So Rikki, don't lose that number,867-5309. Parker's Band. September 5, 2017 @ When you’re born to play the fool Scotty J -Ed. Maybe you knew that despite the narrow playlist on the radio, Steely Dan had even better deep cuts, or hadn’t stopped recording in the 70’s, despite the radio ignoring it. September 8, 2017 @ And you’ve seen all the western movies Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 4:33 Steely Dan Track 05 4:33 Christy Snow Undercover Of The Night 4:33 The Rolling Stones Words Can’t Describe 4:33 Sarah Vaughan. With you 100% about loving many styles. blue demon I only saw them live twice but they are high on my list of favorites. 3:30 pm, used to hate these guys when I was young even though id only heard a few of their songs. Obsession Song: "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" One-Woman Song: "Peg", "Josie" and "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" The Pete Best: Chevy Chase was the drummer for Fagen and Becker's Bard College proto-Steely Dan band The Leather Canary. September 5, 2017 @ Instead of Baby Mozart, my wife and I played Van Morrison all night long for our daughter for years. If you’re not familiar with Steely Dan, I suggest you start with Aja. September 6, 2017 @ With a gun So there you were being force fed “Reelin’ In The Years” and “Do It Again” over and over again with no recourse, and telling your fellow classic rock buddies how much Steely Dan sucked. I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run September 6, 2017 @ I’m not going to press charges.” Fagen’s band, Steely Dan, is a popular jazz/rock outfit who debuted in 1972 and are known for songs like “Reelin’ in the Years” and “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.” The … You’ll be missed, Walter. As for the piano line, I think I had heard it on an old Sergio Mendes album. Rikki, don't lose that number They were the Hunter S. Thompson of American pop music. When you get home As I got older and started appreciating more music including jazz, I found their music much more interesting. BrushHawg. Oslin Defied Odds & Ageism as the Queen of “80’s Ladies” (RIP), How Brooklyn Became a Bastion Of Independent Country Music. Some of their songs are so overwhelmingly enticing that I get mesmerized: “Do It Again,” “Reelin' In the Years,” “Rikki Don't Lose That Number,” “FM (No Static at All),” “Hey Nineteen.” Those are probably their most played songs on the radio, and I bet most have heard of them. Perfect time. Pretzel Logic. You were the man that I saw running from his door Thanks lentigogirl! Thanks Trigger. As for songs, I still love “T.B. September 7, 2017 @ (Steely Dan’s highest-charting single, 1974’s “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number,” peaked at #4. I love finding new music scenes or sub genres and exploring them. Lone Wolf They played music that top Nashville session players admired. You might use it if you feel better Because Steely Dan was cool. Until he caught you with your fingers in the till Ok, so you managed to write a piece about one of my favorites and you even mentioned one of my other favorites (Supertramp). Soul nourishing stuff. Send it off in a letter to yourself sbach66 Maybe it even angered you when they played the shorter radio edit version of “Do It Again” that eliminated the keyboard solo. Until it wasn’t. 7:43 pm. Murder the man Still don’t get them…but that’s me. You hear songs like Do it Again or Stealers Wheels’ Stuck in the Middle and wander what in sam hell their talking about?! Did you pay the other man with the piece in your hand Don't try to call me when they finally run you down Just give fair warning any time you come around With a gun With a gun ... Rikki Don't Lose That Number. 2:08 pm, Luckyoldsun A lot of their music…. It’s because of Steely Dan that two or three generations of hipsters, psychedelics etc. Gena R. Jack Williams The two-disk set Philosopher’s Stone is an outstanding work that is later than what is mostly know of him. Tight. Why are they even being played on the classic rock station? My wife enjoys them, and I appreciate them for their talent even if I wouldn’t make any effort on my own to attend their shows. Sep 24, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Ande Clayton. 5:29 pm. 1:52 pm. Steely Dan is a weird band. Rikki, don't lose that number 8:55 pm. September 5, 2017 @ Why Don't You Tell Me So 11. These guys could write. And leave him lying in the rain? 1:41 pm, Maybe not one of my favorite bands, but the Dan had some songs I like — including the ones mentioned in the article, plus “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Rikki, Don’t Lose That Number,” “My Old School,” “Hey, Nineteen,” and “Cousin Dupree” (from the Grammy-winning ‘Two Against Nature’). And afterwards, turned and ground their cigarettes on the sidewalk with their heels. It would be an understatement to say that it had a good run. They were the cynics, sure, but they also paid real tribute to the Queen of Soul. [Verse 1] Devo got the idea for their "Whip It" video from an article about a guy who owned a dude ranch and charged people to watch him remove his wife's clothes with a bullwhip. I grew up with classic rock radio and I know my way around a SD tune. A couple of Jimmy Buffet’s songs: School Boy Heart and Scarlet Begonias 5:00 pm, Cool you mentioned him cause Waylon covered Bakerstreet on Hangin Tough. After completing the supporting tour for Pretzel Logic , Becker and Fagen decided to retire from live performances and make Steely Dan a studio-based band. But you don't even know your mind You will be what you are just the same And the radio kept playing them, because that’s what classic rock radio does. 4:54 pm. They set benchmarks and high standards. Your email address will not be published. Steely Dan is Jimmy buffet level elevator music at best. Jim At some point you started craving those guitar licks on “Reelin’ In The Years.” “Deacon Blues” seemed to encapsulate a depressed mood better than most. Rikki, don't lose that number Earbuds or computer speakers won’t cut it. Let’s face it, it’s sort of a weird band that’s too jazzy to be progressive rock, and too rock to be considered jazz, that was slotted into the slosh pit of the classic rock space by Clear Channel some 35 years ago, and asked to fend for itself among legacy AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd cuts. The album was two years in the making and required 42 studio musicians to complete as Donald Fagen and Walter Becker dealt with creative, personal and professional issues. See more ideas about Trailer park boys, Trailer park, Boys. Maybe that’s where Horace heard it, too.” -Donald Fagen http://www.jazzwax.com/2011/07/interview-donald-fagen.html, I thought our little wild time had just begun, http://www.jazzwax.com/2011/07/interview-donald-fagen.html, Rikki Don't Lose That Number by Far Corporation, Ricky Don't Lose That Number by Tom Robinson. Saw them back in 2001 at what is now KeyBank Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pa. Steely Dan is probably right up at the top as a studio band and as someone who has never really been that into hearing live music I always gravitate to performers that take recorded music seriously and that was really true with Steely Dan. Rating: +4 3 Replies. It’s so much fun to find new styles of music! 12:30 pm. You will be what you are just the same It was just uncool to like them. 12:55 pm. These bands are so talented as both musicians and lyricists. With a gun Tame, tepid, lukewarm and never dangerous. You didn’t know what exactly it was you didn’t like about Steely Dan. 7:18 am. Just my theory but I think it is common with someone like Steely Dan. 10:32. A classic pretzel is circular, full of holes, and twists in on itself—just like faulty reasoning. They always were and they always will be. I have a friend in town, he's heard your name We lost Rikki's number. A little too slick and sterile for me. Don’t try to call me when they finally run you down