TEN REASONS Why You Should Send Your Child To A Christian School Primary text by Dr. Paul Kienel, ACSI 1. St. Catholic school graduates are more likely than non-Catholic school graduates to continue practicing the faith as adults. If Jesus is not at the core of our reasons for teaching in a Catholic school, then we have our priorities out of balance. Jesus has called us to be teachers. You are accountable to God for what your children are taught in school. Jesus wants us to bring the Good News to the world. Some of the primary reasons parents send their children to a Catholic school are: Catholic schools offer a high level of academic excellence infused with virtues. 99% of students who attend a Catholic high school graduate. Of those students, 86% attend a four year college. According to the latest figures from the Catholic Education Service, around 35% of the staff in Catholic independent schools in England and wales are Catholic. Although, I came across some challenges regarding the faith in high school, I believe these challenges strengthened my faith and allowed me the opportunity to grow in and discover more deeply my love for the Catholic Church and all of its teachings. A 99 percent graduation rate in Catholic high schools. (Or to keep your kids there!) Often, I can praise a student “God has truly blessed you with the talent for drawing,” or thank a student for their help during Mass. As a tribute to all those whose efforts make Catholic schools possible, here is my list of 101 reasons to send a child to a Catholic school. Applying to a college for the right reasons is so important and answering this question can be an eye-opener for you too. Steeped in a traditional Catholic environment, the school is committed to academic excellence and faith development. The total Catholic school student enrollment for the current academic year is 1.9 million. Catholic schools provide an education in the Catholic faith with an emphasis on Catholic values. As we prepare for National Catholic Schools Week at the end of January, I have compiled a "Top Ten List" for choosing Catholic schools for our children based on my experience as a long time teacher, principal, president and headmaster of Catholic high schools--but perhaps even more importantly, from my perspective as father to 4 children raised in Catholic schools. Likewise, for Catholics who have never taught in a Catholic school, there may be a degree of nervousness about applying for your first job in a Catholic school. Additionally, refrain from mentioning the geographic location of the school. Awesome post! Catholic elementary and high schools offer: Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in a common faith. What your children are taught in school should be a direct extension of your parental views (Proverbs 22:6, Luke 6:40) 2. About St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. Don’t worry. 5 Built for The Future: 98% of Catholic School students go to college. Here are their top ten reasons. 4 Academic Excellence: In the Greater New Orleans area, more than $136 million in scholarships were awarded to Catholic School graduates in 2013. Jesus has given us the ability to touch hearts and minds. Though there are many more reasons I could mention, the focus of this list is mostly on things that can only be found in a Catholic school… I grew up in Catholic schools as well, and am grateful for the education and formation I received during those years. Some interesting facts about Catholic schools are: There are 6,568 Catholic schools in America. There is no more important reason than that to teach at a Catholic school. Balanced curriculum including art, music and fitness. The mission of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish School is to foster the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social growth of its students. Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills. In the Catholic school, I am able to complement, discuss, and even explain my beliefs without worry of offending my students.