Credit: Marty Baldwin Bring butterflies to your garden—even if you have just a deck or patio—with these easy container recipes. The best way of coming up with a plant combination is to head to the garden centre, pick a centrepiece for the container then take plants from the shelves to see what looks good together. Container gardens are great for beginning gardeners, people who have limited space, or anyone who wants to dress up their porch or patio. Follow our simple 'recipes' for perfect summer pots, mixing perennials, bedding and ornamental grasses. Thursday, 6 June, 2019 at 3:52 pm . About Jami. Upcycle Laundry Basket idea . Don’t be afraid to arrange and rearrange plants until you are happy with the way they look. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Whether you are looking for shade-loving container plants or scented container plants, we have something for every garden. See more ideas about planters, container gardening, garden containers. Email. A collection of pots can lift a patio or front garden and brighten up walls and fences. Find your perfect container for gardening in our collection of container garden recipes. When designing your outdoor space, it is easy to just buy a fun planter at the store, but if you want more creative garden container ideas, this is the list for you. My ideas. Hot links . While most varieties like shade, a few, such as snake plant, tolerate full sun and are as easy to grow outside as they are in. It’s a cinch—all you need is a container (a planter in true gardener speak), potting soil, some plants and you’re ready to go. ... 13 Plant Combination Ideas. 1: Made in the Shade Add a big burst of color to shady spots in your yard with colorful caladiums. More about us. Containers help utilise all the available space in your garden €“ they brighten up walls, fences and patios. If you live in a tropical climate, you can grow exotic flowers in the ground, where many will become small trees or shrubs. My advice. If you love planting container gardens but don't know where to start, check out our slide show of 36 recipes you can follow for success. Try one of these great container arrangement ideas for the home and garden. Share the story ; 27 Container gardens are a fantastic way to grow plants. ", followed by 797 people on Pinterest. Many of us are itching to get out in the garden and start working the soil and getting it ready to plant. We've put together a list of the best plants for containers, baskets, flower pouches and window boxes to help you get a fabulous display in your garden! A solid recipe for any successful container garden includes a tall plant, a mounding plant, and a trailing plant. Jun 9, 2018 - All things #Container #Design! Purple Majesty ornamental millet (Pennisetum glaucum) grows 4-5 ft. tall and 8-12 in. Country Living editors select each product featured. All kinds of dishes and pots can turn into plant containers. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Pinterest; Share on Whatsapp; Share on Blogger; Email to a friend; Summer wouldn’t be complete without some beautiful containers. Save Pin FB. Most plants can be grown in a container but some are better suited to this than others. More about that two later, next, let’s start our countdown. Tweet. Tropical flowers grow slightly smaller in pots. Today, I wanted to share some creative garden container pot ideas and tips/tricks to hopefully inspire you with some pretty possibilities and unique flower/plant combinations. Perfect for the shade garden, its refreshing plant palette of green and white plants provides a cooling and pleasing effect. Here are some great examples of how edibles can be mixed with ornamental plants in garden pots. As a general rule of thumb, good plants for small gardens work hard by providing eye-catching form, fragrance or consistent bright colour – or a combination of the three. 11 Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas. Edible container garden ideas. Broccoli calabrese will produce a large head initially but once this cut the plant will also produce a number of smaller side shoots with mini broccoli heads. Whatever … Save Pin FB. Containers filled with seasonal or permanent plants are extremely versatile. Use Houseplants! Flowering vines can stand in for tall specimens, given a trellis or a tepee of bamboo twigs to cling to. If you are busy, consider plants with a compact, tidy form and those that are easy to grow. Nov 19, 2020 - Gardening doesn't have to stop when the weather cools off! Yet, life in containers can be tough for plants, so choose the right compost and carry out regular maintenance to ensure they put on a good show. Calabrese (the large green heads known as broccoli in the shops) is also a worthwhile container garden plant which produces heads about 80-90 days after sowing. Plant list 3: Red Swiss Chard, Helleborus ‘Sunmarble’, Heuchera, Fern (Source: Le Jardinet) 4. See more ideas about fall container gardens, container gardening, fall containers. 27 Most Delicious Christmas Dinner Casserole Ideas. Top Butterfly Container Garden Ideas Top Butterfly Container Garden Ideas . Thinking of container gardening like this, it’s easy to see why container gardening ideas can be endless—so endless that you may need a few container garden ideas to point you and your pots in the right direction. Filed Under: Flowers, Beds & Borders Tagged With: Container gardening, Shade Gardening. Brighten up your front door for kids who are off to school, or ready to trick-or-treat at your doorstep. View All Start Slideshow. Garden centres are always full of tempting plants and when you're planting up in autumn container you want to choose plants that can carry you towards winter. Check out these cheery spring container ideas – perfect for small spaces. May 14, 2014 - Tropical flowers transform your patio into a colorful outdoor living room. Share: Using containers and planters around the garden presents a great opportunity to experiment with different plant combinations and unexpected varieties from year to year and season to season. That is completed with next. These gorgeous plants shine all season long in containers. The Hip Horticulturist at Tiger Sheds. Start Slideshow 1 of 12. Recycling waste around you is the best way to get what you need on the cheap as well as saving the earth. Think about what your would like for your garden, then establish the amount of time you have to garden. Many of us are itching to get out in the garden and start working the soil and getting it ready to plant. HGTV Gardens offers up examples of great plant combinations for containers. Oct 11, 2019 - With these 30 Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens, you'll have the best plant arrangements for spring, summer, fall, and winter! But… Continue Reading → Mar 31, 2020 - When the first hints of spring hit the air we can’t wait to spend more time outside. Create an account or log in. See more ideas about container gardening, plants, garden containers. 20 summer container ideas. Many edible plants have gorgeous and colorful foliage, plus delicious tastes! Don’t worry if you have a small garden and are pushed for space, as you can create cheery spring displays in pots and containers, including a vibrant primula and wood anemone window box, or a spring alpine pot display.On the other hand, if you have a larger garden, little beats the frothy spring blossom produced by ornamental cherries like ‘Spire’. RHS Chelsea 18–23 May 2021 RHS Chelsea. Flower pot recipe for sun using basic garden center plants; 15 simple planter ideas for sun . 10 DIY Flower Garden Ideas and Containers Video. An easy and remarkable scenery to enjoy from spring to fall. LIST ENTRIES: References and Bonus Ideas too. Its attractive foliage takes on a darker hue of purple in full sun to make it among the best flower landscape ideas. More. Long-lasting and low care, this bold plant combination can be easily replicated in many sunny garden situations.