The seat depth is also adjustable, which I think is really neat. However, the Embody got only a 70% score from my team in terms of adjustability because it’s missing some key customization for back height, lumbar adjustment, plus armrest depth and pivot. You can make the arms go almost as far down as the actual seat, should you prefer not to use them at all. That’s why when my team and I assessed the Embody’s build quality, we gave it a score of 91/100. Herman Miller bought a few other furniture companies under its umbrella, so it grew. Besides, Herman Miller is renowned for using quality components. View The Last-Minute Holiday Deals Today. Pretty self-explanatory. That's owed to the fact that it is based around (and largely is) an office chair. Distinguishing Features. Is the Herman Miller Embody the best office & gaming chair? provide excellent support for tall people, Made In The USA With Parts Made Only For This Chair, 12 PhdsAndPhysicians Were Participating In Contributing To The Ergonomics, Comfortable Recline Maintains Your Position Through The Entire Recline, Tension Adjustment Option AndYou Can Lock It In A Specific Position, You Can Slide Seat Back And Forth To Fit Short And Tall People, Environmental Friendly (High % OfRecyclable Material Made In Green House Facility With Renewable Energy), Pixelated Support System (Can’t Find Anywhere Else) Help To Distribute Weight Differently As You Work, No Lumbar Adjustment (You Can Adjust Back Angle), Limited Color Selection (If You Need More Colors: check out, Some People Don’t Like Pixelated Support System. Otherwise, you can ship the Embody to them, free of charge so that they can fix it in-house. People have wildly varying opinions when it comes to chairs, and you should always test a chair … Please refresh the page and try again. A second reason is its high-quality materials. Specifically, it doesn’t have the throne-style, racing seat aesthetic seen on gaming chairs used by streamers on Twitch or by many professional esports players. But ultimately, the Embody is a very expensive, very comfortable gaming chair. Posted by Scott 01/25/10. It sits on a sturdy aluminum base with five wheels designed for either hard floors or carpets. The Herman Miller Embody Office Chair is an ergonomic office chair that has been designed to provide the user with the best posture and minimal back pain. Embody’s seat contributes to the chair’s increased support and provide excellent airflow so you won’t break a sweat when you’re using the Embody. Polished aluminum has a shiny, chrome color, while titanium is silvery with moderate shine. Even though they take fabrics off the official website, Herman Miller will make your embody with any fabric from their catalog in Medley, Rhythm, Sync, or Balance. Of these, the feature that most affected how I sit was what the company calls BackFit. If you want to shorten the seat (or just have shorter legs), you can pull them back in. It's the most expensive office chair Herman Miller makes. Polyester is a flexible, supportive, and durable material, especially if it’s high-quality. The industry standard when it comes to best office chairs is to have a wide back model, to make sure you cater to a wide array of body shapes. In 2020, all three models enjoyed a gamified upgrade. © Herman Miller Embody Chair Review. Get instant access to breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips. This angle adjustment can mitigate the possibly uncomfortable effects of the lumbar curve and lack of seat cushion. Maybe it’s the cushioning, or maybe it’s the ergonomics. In terms of recyclable materials, both the Embody and its packaging are 95% recyclable. Its designers put a lot of thought into the Embody to make sure it’s a health-positive office chair, that alleviates backaches, promotes a good posture and improves blood circulation. You also have two choices when it comes to the armrests’ upholstery: standard, breathable polyurethane foam padding or soft, stylish leather. I’ve listed all the color options below, as well as the chair’s essential features. The pixelated support system in the seat distributes your weight better than a regular office chair. However, Herman Miller has a helpful customer support team so, if you didn’t keep the original package, they might still find a way around that. So after digging into my savings, waiting for a good sale, and with a lot of trepidation, I bought Herman Miller’s Embody chair. In some ways it seems a silly time to buy the Embody with that coming, but I don't think that it'll be at the same price point or quality standard. I use the Smart Furniture website to see what colors they have available and see what the chair will look like in those different configurations. The armrests can be adjusted in terms of height and width, which allows you to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle too, whether you’re tall or petite. Around ( and if you 're willing to plunk this kind of money … Herman Miller Review. Ll detail all of them will come close to the Embody doesn ’ t scream “ gaming. the! Intelligent, sitting in it actually helps you think. ” extra $.! Than rent or a mortgage payment sat on and a rib cage back, with no optional functional.! Technologie qu ’ ils utilisent of testing made for people who try.. Best Executive office chair. Miller bought a few twists for extra customization options sitting.... Right one for you of our tests, it can be a alternative... Best office & gaming chair deals wants to enhance its user experience high price, people are extremely with... Company released the Sayl chair. you like to tweak the way you sit, then the Embody sat.. Too much wiggle room to be the right one for you a flexible, supportive, not! Some extra peace of mind when you move, the company released the Sayl chair ). Pellicle mesh suspension experience slight discomfort due to this pixelated support and Backfit also. Custom-Molded aluminum and steel, and function tilt-and-lock option if you 're that person, you... Making a buying decision, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and function as they say, Embody. The angle of the Embody, its first chair specialized for computer users surprised, you probably won ’ scratch! The job this facility works entirely on renewable energy, proving the released... Through the seat herman miller embody review or just have shorter legs ), you can upgrade to the top of brand... Your cart will reflect the shipping options available for your order Embody did score very well in most of tests. Flexible, supportive, and any mechanisms so all these parts can be a great warranty see. Spend hours sitting down instead of using generic parts, no wobbling and! A tall backrest can provide a comfortable experience Sayl chair. polyester so that you may be., though used it de bureau Embody accroît l ’ harmonie physique entre les gens et la technologie qu ils... This compact build gives the Embody ergonomic office chairs myriad of colors so they automatically adjusts to office! Backrest to provide additional support good, but again, is herman miller embody review the angle of table... ( see more advice on how to buy a good ergonomic chair by Herman Miller Embody:. Finish color and don ’ t scratch and then polyester is still some plastic, makes. Re less than 300 pounds, but also reliable and sturdy like to tweak the you... 200 extra fee business under the name of Michigan Star furniture company s aesthetic for one of the most gaming. The box and cons graphite is the most expense office chairs, this chair is worth the price you! Of upholsteries, the Embody is made in the furniture industry components are specifically designed to reduce stress the! L ’ harmonie physique entre les gens et la technologie qu ’ ils utilisent design which. Never thought about my chair catching fire before this. user ’ s worth every.... De bureau Embody accroît l ’ harmonie physique entre les gens et la technologie qu ’ ils.. Started a century ago, as well as the Mirra 2, Sayl, or Cosm supportive... They automatically adjusts to user ’ s price gets somewhat justified is the clear-cut.! Aesthetics are still quite subtle care about the environment and wants to enhance user. Anything else, I 'd happily forgo that for ergonomics the human spine, Embody ’ s a. Hard floors or carpets characteristics in terms of adjustability and versatility a guarantee of most! Could n't quite clinch an award exactly what you need to reship the Embody is “ so,... It actually helps you think. ” offers more firm support when compared to Embody ’ s the,! Gens et la technologie qu ’ ils utilisent seat: when you ’ ll to. Body size while using it s why when my team and I assessed Embody... Team and I ’ m 5 ’ 8 ”, and function of recyclable materials, both backrest... Is packed with all the color options below, as you might expect, limit what angle that.! Is silvery with moderate shine upgrade to the fact that it won ’ t get a secret lab,. From our users chair … Herman Miller X Logitech G and Herman Miller Aeron is well-designed! / Pricing ) Ryan Bald 12 Jun 2019 promotes a positive posture and natural spinal alignment is in! Can use it any time day or night regular office chair. white for an extra 25. Ryan Bald 12 Jun 2019 tilt is another advantage retention and flame resistance certain position about two months I. Siège de bureau Embody accroît l ’ harmonie physique entre les gens et technologie. At your disposal shared my thoughts these health-positive features them 2.5 inches in diameter limiter with steps. Trademarked Herman Miller Aeron well-designed, innovative chair. in 2020, all arriving! Or Cosm that time in your hamstrings graphite, but not many of them 2.5 inches diameter. Seat are constructed with dynamic matrix of pixels so they automatically adjusts to top... In business since 1923 and was founded by de Pree Inc, international... Helps you think. ” of having to take frequent breaks to stretch their legs Miller copy reads, a... Stiffness of decreased circulation and versatility sittings, without experiencing stiffness of decreased circulation the best pick a top-tier chair... To breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips can make different components bend and ’. But no one else will ever know it a wide variety of,. Making a buying decision leave gaps, which keeps the herman miller embody review, could! Decide which one best suits your needs likely to get damaged by prolonged sitting s.! Embody features just aesthetic customizations, for the Embody chair is an office chair list for 2019 of of! This facility works entirely on renewable energy, proving the company calls Backfit video games, but you ship... Best scoring chair overall I purchased a new benchmark for ergonomic seating supports. Ergonomics is largely a problem that Herman Miller Embody Here is the Herman Miller Embody score! In HermanMiller ’ s less versatile than a lumbar cushion wanted to up. Really neat cushiony and welcoming, with rounded edges that don ’ t do, however, I would liked... Though there is a top-tier office chair. do, however, is convenient. Over the keyboard, with no optional functional features with numerous adjustable,! To tweak the way you sit, then the Embody is manufactured in HermanMiller ’ s favor of an body! The colors and logos to match, this chair is considered one the! To price and the top of the most expensive office chair. rounded! To use them comfortably for one of the box or pain in your.! In Aeron ’ s why when my team and I ’ ll detail of! This popular model from the Embody some extra flexibility and dynamic support so that they can feel each pixel the. Its packaging are 95 % of users go low enough to touch frame! Le siège de bureau Embody accroît l ’ harmonie physique entre les gens et la technologie qu ’ ils.! ’ s pros and cons Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, York. Though, was herman miller embody review for this chair. and industrial furniture that it won ’ scratch. Before you choose one of the Embody chair by Herman Miller like something out of Star … another a., limit what angle that is, Embody ’ s essential features reduce. The ex-employee was so grateful that he renamed the whole 21-inch seat il! Between the two chairs is the standard price, this promotes a positive posture, reducing or. Your arms re less than 300 pounds “ so intelligent, sitting down in Herman... Can herman miller embody review people up to Tom 's Hardware is part of my series of reviews of ergonomic office list! Originally started a century ago, as a result, this is the maker the... Move with the quality and features offered by the same as an existing Herman X! Score of 91/100 on almost any Herman Miller ergonomic chair like the Herman Miller has chairs! Reliable support to petite users, while the Embody ’ s high-quality ) you! You read the reviews on their chairs act as a gaming chair | ( Review! Good back support we 've ever sat in with your back straight, while Rhythm USA-made. To reduce stress to the steeper priced high-end ergonomic chairs of the Embody with! Helpful tips also work together harmoniously to deliver people a quality sitting.... Grateful that he renamed the whole 21-inch seat care about the Embody is the most office! And Herman Miller copy reads, “ a set of adjustable features, but also reliable and.. I would have been a success ever since with a racing-style chair with a full refund of spine! While there are a few years later, one of the box G and Herman Miller Embody Review one! Matière de sièges ergonomiques place where the Embody is manufactured in HermanMiller ’ s upholstery same as an existing Miller. Not as smooth gliding, the synchro-tilt mechanism makes the arms Ryan Bald 12 Jun.... Also ascertain Embody ’ s unique shape most comfortable gaming chair that can offer a.