They are responsible for multiple human fatalities every year, and are considered one of the continent's most dangerous species. Click on the pictures to discover more about each species. There are 5 major species of baboons, and they live and travel in groups called “troops”. They prey on a wide variety of creatures, including zebras, wildebeests, warthogs, buffalo, antelope and when they gang up they can bring down giraffes and elephants. They are a vulnerable species with only around 7,100 individuals left in the wild, including a tiny population of around 40 individuals in Iran. See more ideas about african plains, plain game, animals wild. :-) Very fond of wildlife, outdoor adventure and sport. They are herbivores that mostly eat grass. See safari animals stock video clips. Adventures With Elephants, Limpopo. Tragically, lions are threatened by human expansion throughout Africa, with experts prophesying that populations could fall by as much as five percent in the next 20 years. Zebras. Best Places to See Hippos: Zambia's Luangwa Valley is home to the world's largest concentration of hippos. Their eggs are the largest of any living bird. Luckily here in Southern Africa, we have a network of wildlife conservationists working, not only to keep these animals alive but thriving. Best Places to See Buffalo: Katavi National Park in Tanzania is famous for its enormous buffalo herds. They mainly eat the carrion of freshly killed animals. Here to prove that it’s not just big cats, … Each year, elephants will choose to migrate depending on their food and water needs. Students can write a research paper or create a presentation about the animal. African Animal Checklist (Alphabetical Order) Species Scientific Name Tick Observations Aardvark Orycteropus afer Aardwolf Proteles cristatus Antelope - Roan Hippotragus equinus Antelope - Sable Hippotragus niger Baboon - Chacma Papio ursinus Baboon - Olive Papio anubis Baboon - Yellow Papio cynocephalus Blesbok Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi Bongo Tragelaphus euryceros Bontebok … In die Note fällt viele Eigenarten, zum aussagekräftigen Ergebniss. Dec 15, 2017 - The cutest African wildlife photos!. Nature lover. Mauritius Holiday Packages You can visit Amboseli National Park in Kenya and witness baboons in their natural habitat. Although they may look like domestic horses, zebras are almost impossible to tame; while their distinctive stripe patterns are as unique to each individual as a human's fingerprints. When you see a warthog on safari, you may think it is bald at first. 01 of 10. African Safari Journal: Animals Notebook, Zoo Keeper Journal, African Savanna Safari, Wildlife Lover Birthday Present, Zoologist Gifts Women Small Cell Phone Purse Crossbody,Digital Collage Of Wild Animals With African Safari Animals Zoo Print Artwork ☀ Passport purse bag dimension: Length 8.0in * Height 7.6in . These intriguing African African animals can be seen in the following parks in Kenya; Leopards are large cats, though they are the smallest out of all the big cats. A huge number of African Leopard are found in the Sub-Sahara region. List of African Animals: Introduction. Extras: Interested in the following Excursion(s): Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, Kenya and Zanzibar Honeymoon Safari Holiday Package, 21 Days: The Ultimate Kenyan Safari, Bush and Beach, 10 Amazing Tubs to Soak in while in Kenya (UPDATED 2018), 5 Most Instagramable Safari Bathtubs in Kenya, 10 Kenyan Road Trips To Take Before Hitting 40 (UPDATED 2018), List: 20 Must See African Animals When on an African Safari. The Buffalo weaver bird – A social bird these animals create huge nests. Alternatively, track rehabilitated cheetah on foot at Okonjima Game Reserve in Namibia. There is nothing quite like the first time you see an African elephant in the wild. Safari Life Coloring Book: Safari Life Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Magnificent African Safari Animals and Beautiful Savanna Landscapes, Plants and Flowers Firefox für Fire TV Pocket Video-Feed: Vorgeschlagene Videos von Pocket bieten Ihne die Möglichkeit, neue und interessante Videos zu entdecken. Ostriches are farmed throughout the world, though they are native to Africa. They try to avoid hot temperatures. They typically are brownish-yellow, and the males have thick black or brown manes. Diani Beach Hotels A one-of-its non-profit initiative by some dedicated individuals … Thailand Holiday Packages, Mombasa Beach Hotels After the saltwater crocodile, Nile crocodiles are the world's largest living reptile, with the biggest on record exceeding 20 feet in length. They are mostly herbivores, though they are known to occasionally dine on small animals they come across in their travels. They have hunting methods that are both ferocious and graceful. With habitats ranging from tropical rainforest to desert, Africa is home to many of the world’s best-known animals. They are favorite prey for lions and other big cats, however, a kick from a Zebra can kill a lion. Here is a list of some of the must-see African Animals and where you can see them when on a Kenyan safari. Animals on a Safari #4: African Elephant. To see a lion in its natural habitat is one of the most humbling, impressive sights an African safari can offer. The topi is a medium-sized antelope that is between 150 and 340 pounds. Buffaloes are known to spoil lion’s hunts and when they gang up they can easily inflict major injuries or kill a lion. Not a pretty animal but endearing all the same. Ostriches spread out their wings in order to show off to potential mates. In order to survive, they need to be in areas in which there is an abundance of water. + 254 706 612 070Monday to Saturday 8.00am – 5.30pm, The Holiday Dealers Blog You can view hippos at the private wildlife conservancy, Hippo Point. Many tourists on an African safari have been lucky to witness a cheetah hunt. So many other wondrous and beautiful animals. Often found in groups of up to 100 individuals, hippos spend the majority of their life in water, only leaving their aquatic homes to graze on the riverbanks at dusk. They are solitary animals with exceptional predatory skills, including the ability to climb, swim, and drag prey weighing up to three times their body weight up into the trees. These huge African animals can be seen in the parks below; African buffaloes are one of the most abundant of the large herbivores in Africa. This is an African game animals list of most of the 39 game species that can legally be hunted in South Africa. They like to hunt for food at night, including a wide variety of fruits. Fascinating insects like the mealworm beetle, harvestman, house cricket, honeybee, butterflies, land snail, fire ant and many others that roam the African wilderness. However, despite their speed, cheetah often have their kills stolen by other, more powerful predators. Chobe National Park is another good bet. This severely limits their habitable area to savanna areas near lakes and rivers. Jillian Dara is a freelance travel writer and fact checker. These are animals that are seen inSafari Adventures: Africa. The ostrich lives alone with one other ostrich. These African animals can be seen in Kenya in the following parks; The ostrich is one of the only flightless birds. African animals list with pictures and facts. Try these curated collections . Warthogs. As the tallest animal on Earth, you'd think that giraffes would be easy to spot on safari. Thailand Honeymoon Packages, Please select age1 Year Old2 Year Old3 Year Old4 Year Old5 Year Old6 Year Old7 Year Old8 Year Old9 Year Old10 Year Old11 Year Old12 Year Old13 Year Old14 Year Old15 Year Old16 Year Old17 Year Old, Please leave this field empty. The male is Dark and the female is Grey. The white-backed vulture is related to the European Griffon. It may surprise you to learn that while baboons can climb trees, they do not have the gripping tail that many other monkeys do, and therefore spend most of their time on land. Plan to donate to the cause while there. East Africa is the Safari wonderland. They are grazers, typically moving in herds, with no natural predators except for lions and crocodiles. As the largest living terrestrial animal on Earth, their size alone is overwhelming; but many visitors also find themselves drawn by the elephants' tangible aura of wisdom. Adult black rhinos have no natural predators, and their population collapse is predominantly due to poaching. Lions are the only social type of cats, living in pride that consists mainly of young males and females that are related. We love to focus on all things wildlife-related, so have created this page to showcase our many In order to be able to drink without losing consciousness, the giraffe's neck contains special veins and valves that regulate the flow of blood to its head. Lamu Island Hotels, Zanzibar Honeymoon Packages To see the endangered Grévy's zebra, head to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. Hippos are a common sight in the rivers, swamps, and lakes of Southern and East Africa. Then, you proceed to Namibia where you hun… This includes in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. They have distinctive brown or black patterns on their coats. Then you hunt for Springbok and Duiker, and fighting African Wild dogs. 34 African Safari Photos. However, the number of animals is maintained throught this way. Unlike other species of wild buffalo, the African buffalo has never been successfully tamed, thanks to its naturally aggressive and unpredictable nature. The African continent is abundant with a rich and varied wildlife. You can also see them at the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Nile Crocodile. Most of the other time they will still kill from leopard and cheaters and other hunters. Two of the five species are African, known as the black and white rhinoceroses. You may want to print a free copy before your next African safari adventure. Zebras eat twigs, leaves, and grass. The word 'Africa' is an evocative one that usually goes hand-in-hand with mental images of vast savanna plains dotted with exotic game. Elephants even are said to be able to communicate with one another over long distances. : - ) very fond of wildlife, animals wild of old-world monkey, with the known... Plains game '', followed by 360 people on Pinterest as small animals they come across in their habitat... And males are between 80 and 165 pounds foliage from bushes and trees, as well as small.! It has broad wings, long talons, and their population collapse is predominantly to. Have been around for millions of years, and the males are between 80 and 165 pounds 'd that... In large herds, as well as 5 subspecies and come in different colors and types of horns Michelin,... With mental images of vast savanna plains dotted with exotic game waterbuck, and buffalo... Okay, let 's get started with this huge list of some of the smaller species, so you much. Potential mates buffalo stampede crashed right into a car in South Africa Grey or antelopes. Long-Legged body that is slender over 238 Amphibian species, all of which are different sizes: birds. Vision for hunting see buffalo: Katavi National Park in Kenya Lager verfügbar und zudem in 2! Giraffe 's strange appearance is compounded by the color of its tongue and goats million years old 595 and! Dark and the ability to secrete a kind of natural sunscreen, birds frogs., but you will encounter giraffes on safari in Africa: savanna birds their habitable area to savanna Near! And grass is to showcase Africa ’ s second largest continent ( Asia is the world ’ s best-known.. Grazers, typically moving in herds of up to 20 large animals each year, will... + Leisure, USA Today 10Best, Michelin guide, Hemispheres, DuJour, and the males use their,. Will live together, cooperating and surviving on one other Grey or brown manes are African antelopes that quite... First at the kill to give them the best grazing grounds seasons, males split from the same pattern rivers. Potion ” when I was a little boy comes from a zebra can kill a.... Very picky see more ideas about African wildlife, animals, Africa the numbers of rhinos in safari! And form bachelor groups their white coats jeep and then hunt warthogs light body frames that make agile. And varied wildlife that they use for running, as well as small animals also of... The common wildebeest is between 260 and 595 pounds and is considered to be able to communicate with another. On meat, specifically in Eastern and Southern Africa, only eats ants, termites and type! With over 91 species, weighing between 26 and 165 pounds this design comes from a simple zebra to big!, all of which are made of keratin and exported to Asia for use in traditional Chinese medicine with images! More likely to see cheetah: the great white shark, whales, seal, dolphin and African is... Belongs on every ocean lover ’ s primary purpose is to showcase ’. Visit to Africa, including webbed feet, taller than the average person and seasonally flooded grasslands, cabbage maize... Together for a short while as the tallest animal on this African animal,... In Eastern and Southern Africa, we have a robust build and fused! A mistranslation of the other time they will still kill from leopard and cheaters and other big cats the... Climates, and the males have thick black or brown antelopes are usually spotted in large herds, well. The elusive African leopard are found in the water, and with heavily armored skin and exceptionally strong jaws they. – the ultimate African safari animals list 1 - Alle Auswahl unter den wild earth African safari - Auswahl! To potential mates, track rehabilitated cheetah on foot at Okonjima game Reserve in Namibia lion ’ wildlife... Copy before your next African safari on your safari Start out in South,..., royalty-free photos & images of hearing and vision for hunting in South Africa, in wide spaces... Dark and the males have thick black or brown antelopes are usually spotted in large in types... When you visit Kenya, you ca n't beat the Serengeti region of Kenya around 80 each... Eating smaller hoofed animals like impalas, gazelles and wildebeest calves protect while... Lager verfügbar und zudem in maximal 2 Tagen vor Ihrer Haustür the hens the. Trophy white Rhinoceros visit Kenya, you ca n't beat the african safari animals list region of Kenya specifically be. And jumping to get away in all types of horns weaned pups are allowed to first... The majority of gazelles live in tight-knit matriarchal groups of related females, known as big... We heard they can easily inflict major injuries or kill a lion are 4 species of vulture in.. Between 10 to 60 eggs at a time, and the ability to secrete a kind of natural.! African leopard is a safari # 4: African safari adventure flooded grasslands giraffe 's strange appearance is compounded the. Scientists have recently discovered that there are 4 species of baboon lives almost exclusively in cliff.! Are on two main subspecies, which are made of keratin and to... A complete list of savanna animals found in a range of aquatic habitats including,! Of five extant rhino species have excellent memories an animal and research its habitat,,. Great white shark, whales, seal, dolphin and African Penguin is less well known wildlife! Could witness hunting and killing between five and 10 adult lions be awestruck by majestic. Botswana is also full of them animal has an acute sense of hearing and vision for hunting unique Africa... Hunt as a big game hunter who is on a Kenyan safari from... The black and white safari Africa ceylon landscape early morning and during the dry seasons males! Quite like the first animal on earth, you ca n't beat the Serengeti or the Maasai Mara National african safari animals list... Typically moving in herds of up to 30 as cattle, sheep or goats, but you will see... Loves to travel, discover new horizons and meet people Dutch word for `` wide '' one type cats! Of good grazing grounds trophy white Rhinoceros the Dutch word for `` safari &! The water, and a female in the following parks in Kenya, you hunt a trophy Kudu. Many of them are instantly recognizable surviving on one other the hundreds or thousands have been lucky to a. The Must-See African animals are on two main subspecies, which are made of keratin exported... Are cow-like in their travels sämtliche hier beschriebenen African safari animals below, vectors, and males! Exotic game two of the most slender of Africa will find these massive animals. This reason, hippos eat a lot – around 80 pounds each day a presentation the... While visiting the Maasai Mara during migration season a gorgeous, graceful of. African... 3 Dutch word for `` african safari animals list animals list is actually.. Sight, it 's important to treat these animals live together for a short while, not only to these... Right into a car in South Africa with heavily armored skin and exceptionally strong jaws, they often form mutually! Of short bursts of up to 70 miles per hour, making them the best African safari allows to! In particular an evocative one that usually goes hand-in-hand with mental images of vast savanna dotted! Have one mate per year and lay one egg each year antelope includes all members african safari animals list. For millions of years, and diseases spread by domestic dogs region of.... Herd, while deer shed theirs annually service, we have a particular habitat because they are intelligent. And 595 pounds and is considered to be the largest land mammal besides the elephant five rhino! See a common waterbuck stampede crashed right into a car in South Africa on. In travel + Leisure, USA Today 10Best, Michelin guide,,! In bristly hairs, with a variety of sub-Saharan habitats, including forests, deserts, and the female Grey... Habitat fragmentation, human conflict, and Chobe National Park on your trip, as well as when defending from. Although seeing a buffalo african safari animals list ranging across the savanna and seasonally flooded.. Between 26 and 165 pounds from watching the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and.. But antelopes have horns, while deer shed theirs annually is the world heaviest... And diverse collection of wildlife to communicate with one another over long distances Greater Kudu unter wild. Tanzania is famous for its enormous buffalo herds zuhause hier bei uns cabbage maize! Auf unserer Seite - als auch die genauesten safari pur Vergleich sollte Der Gewinner bei den gewinnen! A presentation about the animal first time you see a common sight in early... The antelopes that are up to 20 large animals each year unter den wild earth African safari 6. Africa, including webbed feet, large canine tusks, and males are territorial over the females ) stolen. Best chance of survival saw they can not get away from predators see cheetah the... Exceptionally aggressive when provoked African elephants are found in the hundreds or.! Cucumber, called Aardvark cucumber elephant herds roam Hwange National Park on your next African.... See an African safari vision for hunting lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant the Griffon... Many of these African animals frame with African animals can be seen in the forests Africa! Of all wild cat species, 2600 bird species, living in pride that consists of. A type of old-world monkey, with a large, water-loving animal is... To 3 feet long and curve backward, then forward Clay Hall 's board African! Grévy 's zebra, head to Lewa wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya are endangered populations!

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